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  • On Thursday, January 24, 2013, Clínica Salus announced it is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.


    Q: What is the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

    A: The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a collaboration between Mayo Clinic and other healthcare organizations. This unique collaboration with Mayo Clinic connects Clínica Salus physicians and Mayo Clinic specialists (at Mayo Clinic’s medical facilities in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota). Clínica Salus healthcare providers will use electronic care reference and communication tools to access the latest Mayo Clinic knowledge and expertise.


    Q: Why did Mayo Clinic create the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

    A: Collaborating with other medical providers to provide the best possible care for patients has always been part of Mayo Clinic’s culture. The Mayo Clinic Care Network helps Mayo and community care organizations work closer together — in new ways — to enhance the lives of patients.


    Q: Why did Mayo Clinic choose Clínica Salus for participation in the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

    A: Clínica Salus was selected to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network because Clínica Salus shares a common philosophy, commitment and mission to improve the delivery of healthcare through high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based medical care and treatment. In addition, Clínica Salus had to pass Mayo Clinic’s rigorous review process based on quality, service and operational criteria.


    Q: Why is Clínica Salus collaborating with Mayo Clinic?

    A: Clínica Salus has made tremendous progress in our approach to care based on the latest medical knowledge and best practices from leaders in healthcare. This will assist us as we continually seek out the latest research and treatment recommendations from the experts at Mayo Clinic.


    Q: What does this formal collaboration mean for patients?

    A: Clínica Salus physicians will have access to the latest Mayo Clinic expertise to use when treating our patients. These resources include:

    • AskMayoExpert, a state-of-the-art online tool created and used by Mayo Clinic. AskMayoExpert makes Mayo-vetted knowledge and expertise available at the point of care, and covers disease management, clinical care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials for a variety of medical conditions.
    • eConsults that serve to connect Clínica Salus physicians with Mayo Clinic experts when Clínica Salus physicians want additional input regarding a patient’s care.


    Q: Does this mean that Clínica Salus could be purchased by Mayo Clinic?

    A: This agreement is not an acquisition or merger. Mayo Clinic Care Network members like Clínica Salus remain independent, community-owned healthcare providers.


    Q: What other health systems are members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

    A: Clínica Salus joins Altru Health System and St. Alexis Medical Center in ND, Yuman Regional Medical Center, Kingman Regional Medical Center and Arizona State University in AZ, Heartland Health in MO, Dartmouth-Hitchcock in NH, NCH in FL, NorthShore University HealthSystem in IL, Billings Clinic in MT, St. Elizabeth Healthcare in KY and Sparrow in MI, in the Mayo Clinic Care Network.


    Q: Why is Clínica Salus making all of these announcements lately?

    A: Clínica Salus recognizes that if we are to achieve our vision of being a recognized leader in quality and the patient experience, we have a responsibility to take the lead in fundamentally transforming healthcare in Puerto Rico. In support of this, Clínica Salus is committed to seeking new ways to:

    • Collaborate with quality care providers to create greater alignment around improved quality and patient experience
    • Jointly work with providers to develop clinical guidelines to ensure the highest quality of care for patients who need to be transferred to different levels of care
    • Ensure that care is always delivered in the best quality and most cost-advantageous clinical setting as close to the patient’s home as possible.


    Q: Will this agreement mean patients will automatically be referred to Mayo Clinic?

    A: No, there is no obligation for referrals to Mayo Clinic. The primary goal of Clínica Salus and Mayo Clinic through the Mayo Clinic Care Network is to help patients gain the benefits of Mayo Clinic expertise while continuing to receive their care as close to home as possible, ensuring they travel outside the region for medical care only when necessary.



    Q: How can doctors who are who are not members of Clinica Salus’ medical faculty benefit from this relationship?

    A: Doctors who are not members of Clínica Salus’ medical faculty who are interested in obtaining Mayo Clinic’s clinical input on a patient may either refer the patient to Clínica Salus by contacting the Clínica Salus’ Medical Director or the Associate Medical Director at 787.789.1919  or by contacting Mayo Clinic directly through their referring physician line found on


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